January 28, 2019

Press Contact: Cynthia Phillips, Director of Marketing, Lifeline Tactical Rescue Tools
Phone: 1-844-522-5433 “LIFE”

LIFELINE™ Tactical Rescue Tools, Inc. has donated its lifesaving flagship FIRE™ tool to firefighters in Puerto Rico. Today, Mr. Raul Ramos, President of Fundación Pancho Coimbre will be presenting FIRE™ devices to a firehouse in the City of Ponce, Puerto Rico. “We’re really proud to support the firefighters of Puerto Rico, who face dangerous situation every day while still working to overcome issues from hurricane Maria,” said Jay Councellor, CEO of LIFELINE™ Tactical Rescue Tools.

“We’re excited to present these tools on behalf of the Fundación Pancho Coimbre, named after the famed Francisco “Pancho” Coimbre, a Latin American baseball legend and a Negro League All-Star who sadly lost his life in a house fire 30 years ago,” said Mr. Ramos.

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