Lifeline® Rescue Tools is proud to introduce the 2nd Generation LIFELINE™ Fire Series. Our newly updated tool features the latest developments in vision science. The result is an ultra-bright tool with fluorescent properties for increased visibility. The latest research in vision science tells us that the human eye is more sensitive to green frequencies than any other. Accordingly, Lifeline® has now developed a color of fluorescent green that is scientifically proven to be the most detectable by the human eye.

Most importantly, the fluorescent raw materials used to make Generation 2 is 100% compatible with the DuPont Zytel®  heat resistant thermoplastic that is at the heart of Lifeline’s handles and sheaths.  Now, Gen 2 FIRE™ is a triple threat – highly aggressive cutting serrations; heat resistant up to 572F and ultra-bright fluorescent properties for increased visibility.

The official launch of the 2nd Gen FIRE™ is April 11, 2018, at FDIC 2019. Customers may preorder order GEN 2 FIRE™ today in our online store.