LIFELINE® Tactical Rescue Tools Announces 3rd Generation FIRE™ Tool for Firefighters

LIFELINE® Tactical Rescue Tools LLC, designer and manufacturer of high-performance specialty devices for the fire-fighting industry and other professional and commercial applications, today announced new upgrades to the company’s flagship product, the LIFELINE FIRE™ Series. The new GEN 3 FIRE™ tool has been upgraded to offer a more extended handle area to provide better fit and grip for first-responders with large gloved hands. It also features a more aggressive triangular breaker blade at the end of the tool that increases the speed and effectiveness needed to create starter holes necessary for cutting laminated glass. This new design feature is in direct response to a DOT mandate that requires all U.S. automaker make all side windows from laminated safety glass. According to a2019 AAA study says, “new research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass”. This asserts that existing window punch products in the marketplace are now obsolete. The LIFELINE GEN 3 FIRE™ cuts through laminated fast, and is the only handheld non-battery operated tool in the marketplace that does so.

The tool retains the same aggressive patent-pending serrated blades that have made it the most effective entanglement self-rescue tool in the world. The LIFELINE GEN 3 FIRE™ continues to offer multi-purpose all-in-one capabilities that’s like having five or more professional cutting tools in one portable handheld device. The size, weight, and design are engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear for immediate access.

“The GEN 3 FIRE™ Series represents the next evolution of our flagship product and our continued commitment to providing multi-purpose tools that are far more useful in the field that one dimensional single-purpose tools,” said James Counsellor, CEO. “We are fully committed to protecting the lives of first responders around the world. To us, it’s an obligation to ensure that every brave firefighter, willing to risk their lives for the safety of others, has a proven portable military-grade cutting machine”, said Vincent Rao, president, and general counsel.

The LIFELINE GEN 3 FIRE™ will be officially launched at FDIC 2020. Select distributors will be providing with GEN 3 FIRE™ tools prior to FDIC during LIFELINE’s distributor pre-launch phase.

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