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April 1, 2019Press
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LIFELINE, ® Rescue Tools, Announces A New Product Launch of the 2nd Generation FIRE™ Tool for Firefighters, Plus Two New Products For Other Commercial Applications.

LIFELINE® Rescue Tools LLC, designer and manufacturer of high-performance specialty devices for the fire-fighting industry and other professional and commercial applications, today announced impressive new upgrades to the company’s flagship product, the LIFELINE FIRE™ Series. The GEN 2 FIRE™ tool now features ultra-bright fluorescent handles and sheath plus BlackCat™ tactical coating. By applying the latest developments in vision science to their handles and sheaths, LIFELINE® can now offer a product with greater visibility, durability and added corrosion resistance.

“The 2nd Gen FIRE™ Series is a triple threat,” said  Vincent Rao, president, and general counsel,  “with its patented aggressive cutting serrations, heat resistance up to 572ºF, and now an ultra-bright fluorescent color for greater visibility”. This portable multi-functional tool is quickly becoming standard issue equipment at firehouses around the world. LIFELINE® products are now available in 3 continents across 7 countries.LIFELINE® will also launch 2nd generation products for  JAWZ™ their underwater series, plus brand a new product for Offshore and Utility applications called Suppressor.“The decision to make our FIRE™ tool fluorescent is a direct result of customer feedback. We’re excited about adding new features, expanding our tool’s versatility while maintaining the hallmarks our customers love; a tool that’s portable, light-weight with an easy to use single-handed self-releasing sheath and serrations so aggressive they’ll cut through nearly anything”, said Jay Counsellor, CEO LIFELINE® Rescue Tools.