“We protect those who protect others. We manufacture, arguably the single most effective self-rescue device in the world. We are innovative. We are thinkers. We are passionate about what we do. And, we’re looking for people with a strong commitment to the firefighting community and the drive to become a high earning independent freelance sales representative.”

What it Takes

For current or retired firefighters with 5+ years of experience, interested in a growing their income and making a difference in protecting those that also place themselves in harm’s way, LIFELINE™ has a unique business opportunity for a driven individual that with the following skills.

A successful LIFELINE independent sales representative requires:

• Outstanding communication skills.
• The ability to multi-task, prioritize, and autonomously manage their time.
• Be comfortable and resilient in conversations with department chiefs and commissioners.
• Think on their feet when faced with new challenges, tough conversations, or difficult questions.
• Interested in raising their personal bar and able to take feedback and implement it immediately.

The Rewards

LIFELINE™ independent sales representatives receive training to learn our sales process, our entire suite of products and basic qualifying materials.
• Be assigned their own exclusive geographical region.
• Have the opportunity to work with our Sales Team to learn how to conduct in-person demos to fire departments.
• Work with fire departments to outfit their firefighters with our lifesaving tools and earn 15% commission on all sales.
• Earn growth opportunities towards becoming an Regional Representative.

Applying for Consideration

If working with our team feels right, we’d like to hear from you, whether you have some or all of the qualifications noted. To apply, complete the form below, and someone from our Executive Team will contact you shortly.

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