STEALTH Tactical Rescue Tool With Military Grade Blackout

Engineered from the original LIFELINE™ Tactical RESCUE tool and field tested by an international military special forces team, STEALTH is a highly aggressive tool by design. It’s perfect for use in confined, low visibility emergency and survival situations. The STEALTH tool comes with the LIFELINE™ sheath whose unique design offers options for various access points and smooth one-handed disengagement without any mechanical manipulation.

Our product is made with American-made 440c stainless steel known to contain the highest carbon content. Our sheets of the 440c stainless steel are precision flat ground to a standardized 3/16″ thickness. The profile of the LIFELINE STEALTH is achieved by using a high powered CO2 laser cutter. Using a laser cutter, instead of a water jet, means the stainless steel around the profile edge is vaporized by a jet of gas, leaving the tool’s edge with a high-quality surface finish. The unique proprietary serrations on all LIFELINE tools are achieved through a highly time-consuming and technologically advanced machining process. The proprietary serrations are formed through 5-axis machining using a 5-axis mill. The serrations are so complex that it takes over an hour of constant computerized machining to form the serrations on just one LIFELINE Tool.

Our innovative design and unique manufacturing process result in a multi-functional solution for military and survival applications. Simply put, there is no comparable product on the market.

Features & Specifications

  • 3/16-Inch Laser Cut 100% American Made 440c Steel

  • Corrosion Resistant ThermoPlastic Sheath With Innovative Single-Handed Release

  • Blackout Handle Made from Textured G-10 Composite Material

  • Lifeline’s Proprietary Highly Aggressive Innovative Serrations Designed To Cut Through Most Materials Encountered In the Field by Police, Military, and Special Forces.

  • BlackCat™ Coating For Increased Durability and Black-Out Effect and Blackout Hardware Components for Complete Stealth-Like Appearance

  • Designed To Cut Through Most Materials Encountered In the Field

  • Thick Robust Steel, Ideal Breaching Tool For Tactical Urban Forced Entry Scenarios Encountered by Police, Military, and Special Forces

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Learn about the Lifeline™ Rescue Tool series of products: FIRE, JAWZ, & STEALTH in action.

Lifeline provided our special forces team with the STEALTH tool for real-life application evaluation. We’re pleased to report the tool performed flawlessly across a wide variety of obstructions and situations. The tool is well designed, unique and reliable in the field, and made in the USA. We’re making it an essential piece of equipment to have on hand at all times.

Jonathan M., Military Special Forces

Important Information for First Responders

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