New! Lifeline Triton™ Series

A specialized and innovative rescue tool for the commercial fishing industry is specifically designed to cut through materials commonly encountered by fisherman such as netting, ropes, vessel gear and more. Made with corrosion resistant titanium for salt-water applications. Drawing directly from the original technology of the Lifeline Jawz™ Series of rescue tools, LIFELINE® bring its underwater technology above the water and onto fishing vessels. Its American made titanium alloy for rust-proof resistance, one-handed quick release feature and highly aggressive serrations, Tritan™, is the perfect portable live-saving tool for all commercial fishermen today.

Lifeline® Rescue Tools understands the risks and dangers facing those working in the commercial fishing industries. Fishermen deal with rough weather, dangerous working conditions, strenuous work, and long working hours.  No matter how the statistics are figured, commercial fishing is named in every recent study as the most dangerous job in America.  It comes as no surprise why reality shows on television document the lives of these brave individuals always grab top ratings.  The dangers that we see fisherman face on those reality television shows are true to life.  Indeed, fisherman are faced with many dangers inherent in fishing operations, including, but not limited to getting their gear snagged on vessel equipment, getting inadvertently caught in nets or ropes, which pulls fisherman overboard, getting swept overboard by waves and getting injured by fishing gear.

Features & Specifications

  • Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy For Corrosion Resistance

  • 3/16-Inch Thick Laser Cut from 100% American Made Titanium

  • Lifeline® Patent-Pending Jawz™ Series Serrations

  • Ultrabright Fluorescent Rubber Thermoplastic Handles

  • Ultrabright Fluorescent Thermoplastic Sheath With Single Handed Release

  • Designed To Cut Through Most Materials

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See the Flagship LIFELINE FIRE™ Rescue Tool in action

While driving southbound on Route 208, I witnessed a passenger vehicle veer right into the shoulder and make contact with a snowbank and guard rail then flip to stop on its hood and roof. I dismounted my vehicle with my Lifeline Extrication Tool in hand. Upon further sizeup of the vehicle, I found that the fuel tank was leaking. After performing a rapid physical assessment, I braced the victim with my shoulder, removed the Lifeline Extrication Tool from its sheath, found a safe area away from the victim’s’ body and with a few passes of the tools’ teeth, I freed the victim from the seat belt with ease.

Nicholas Addesso, Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance Corp. 167
I’m a Heavy Equipment Operator/Driver on Rescue 2 with the Milwaukee Fire Department. I have been using the LifeLine SRK for 4 months now and absolutely love this knife for vehicle extractions. This knife/tool is very versatile and has replaced many tools in my pocket. It breaks car windows with ease and cuts through braided wire quickly. I have used it to cut through a laminated front windshield and it still has a sharp edge to cut any seat belt. The sheath and knife hang conveniently from my bunker coat and can be deployed quickly by myself with one hand or anyone standing close to me. In my opinion, this knife is worth every penny and couple it with its guarantee it becomes priceless.
Matt Trepczyk, Heavy Equipment Operator, Rescue 2 Milwaukee Fire Department
We have had an opportunity to test the Lifeline Rescue Tool in our flashover facility. After multiple evaluations, the tools have held up and performed flawlessly. Our instructors were impressed with the design and quality of the tool.
Larry Rauch, Chief Fire Instructor, County of Bergen

New Press Release: Introducing GEN 3 FIRE™

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Important Information for First Responders

DOT Ejection Mitigation Laws now require automakers to make side windows from laminated glass. Traditional window breakers are designed to break a tempered glass and can not penetrate laminated windows. LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools [...]