Worry-Free Loss and Replacement Policy

Purchase with Confidence.

As a valued LIFELINE Rescue Tool customer, you enjoy the benefits of our Worry-free Loss and Replacement Policy. This warranty provides replacement for the loss of any LIFELINE tool in action and covers all models: Fire, JAWZ, and STEALTH. We will replace your lost tool for a testimonial about your experience.  If you fall under the following categories, we guarantee a free replacement:

If you fall under the following categories, we guarantee a free replacement:

   A firefighter who lost the Lifeline tool in a real-life rescue situation;

 Police or military personnel who lost the tool while using it in the field; or:

 Search and rescue/safety or recreational divers who lose the tool underwater in a rescue situation

If any of the above situations apply to you, please fill out the following form and we will replace your Lifeline tool:

Worry-Free Loss and Replacement Form

Please select a description from the drop down

If professional, please provide a description of your title and your firefighter, police, military or diving affiliation (e.g., City and Engine Company Number for Firefighters; Military Branch and Company for Military Personnel; City and Department for Safety Diver, etc.)

Provide a detailed description of the rescue incident and the manner in which you used and lost your Lifeline Tool:

“By check marking this box you acknowledge that your information is true and accurate and that Lifeline retains the right to investigate and verify that the above-described incident occurred and that all information provided is true and accurate. You further agree to allow Lifeline to post your name, title and affiliation and your detailed description of the event in the form of a testimonial, if applicable.”