The next evolution of Lifeline Tactical Rescue Tools is engineered to military specs, meets NFPA 1981 standards, and is the only non-battery operated handheld tool that’s like having 5 or more tools in one device. Gen 3 FIRE™ gives firefighter’s an invaluable advantage in the field. The tool is designed to increase personal safety during structural fires, motor vehicle accidents, and other emergency situations.

GEN 3 FIRE is a proven portable military-grade cutting machine and far more useful than single-purpose tools. Its size, weight, and design are engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear for fast, immediate access.

LIFELINE® is proud to have thousands of tools in the field today, from fire and law enforcement departments around the world, firefighters from the U.S. Airforce and members of the Israeli Special Forces.

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We have had an opportunity to test the Lifeline Rescue Tool in our flashover facility. After multiple evolutions, the tools have held up and performed flawlessly. Our instructors were impressed with the design and quality of the tool. 
Larry Rauch, Chief Fire Instructor, County of Bergen
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It’s Like Having 5 or More Tools in 1 Handheld Device

LIFELINE’s multi-purpose all-in-one tool is like having five or more professional cutting tools in one portable handheld device. The size, weight, and design is engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear for immediate access.

Patent-pending serrations make it equally effective as other tools that are one dimensional. The LIFELINE GEN 3 FIRE™ is more than a wire cutter or a glass cutter, and it far exceeds the capabilities of any knife in the market. This all-in-one multi-purpose tool is a military-grade cutting machine!

From BX cables to laminated safety glass, its price-point, portability, and the fact that it requires no batteries or charging makes this a vital and invaluable rescue tool for all first responders.


DOT Ejection Mitigation Laws now require U.S. automakers to make side windows from laminated safety glass. Traditional window breakers are designed to break a tempered glass and can not penetrate laminated windows. This means that all existing window breakers will soon be OBSOLETE.

“New research from AAA reveals that vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass.” ~ AAA Newsroom.

LIFELINE GEN 3 FIRE™ Tools are light weight, portable and the only handheld non-battery operated device that cuts Laminated Safety Glass FAST.

See why our tool is STANDARD ISSUE at fire departments, and police departments around the world and military facilities in the U.S., Isreal, and Japan –

***See just how fast the LIFELINE FIRE™ Tool cuts laminated glass>>> | *See full capabilities video here>>>

I’ve been using the Lifeline Rescue Tool for a year now, and it has proven itself in the field and under pressure. Thanks, Lifeline guys. I give this tool 5-stars.

Firefighter, Hawthorne, NJ
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News Flash: MVA with Entrapment Testimonial From Firefighter Bandon Wayne Edwards, CFD

“Today while operating on an MVA with entrapment Engine Company 30 arrived on the scene, assessed the vehicle and decided to provide access through the windshield, for rescue and truck companies in route to the scene. Crews used the LIFELINE® Rescue Tool, a personal extrication tool to start removing the windshield for patient evaluation and access. The ease of making an access point with the butt of the tool and then transitioning to cutting the windshield and removal of the windshield was easily accomplished. Clean cuts with minimal shards and glass dust were very evident. Leaving a good access point for patient evaluation, once the windshield was removed the patient was able to walk out of the vehicle through the removed windshield and taken to ems crews for an evaluation.”

Our thanks to Firefighter Brandon Wayne Edwards for sharing his personal experience with our tool. Your account of this day reminds us that our mission to support those who help others is making a difference. ~ Team LIFELINE® Rescue Tools

New Press Release: Introducing GEN 3 FIRE™

LIFELINE® Tactical Rescue Tools Announces 3rd Generation FIRE™ Tool for Firefighters LIFELINE® Tactical Rescue Tools LLC, designer and manufacturer of high-performance specialty devices for the fire-fighting industry and other professional and commercial applications, today [...]

Important Information for First Responders

DOT Ejection Mitigation Laws now require automakers to make side windows from laminated glass. Traditional window breakers are designed to break a tempered glass and can not penetrate laminated windows. LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools [...]



All LIFELINE® Rescue Tools are multipurpose (all-in-one) tools with unique design elements. Each feature is engineered to serve a specific purpose and function. Proper use ensures the effectiveness and performance of the tool in [...]