Saving Lives By Design

Military-grade cutting tools designed to increase personal safety and gain a critical tactical advantage in the field.

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The primary purpose of this tool is to serve as a personal self-extrication rescue tool. The tool offers one-handed release and re-engagement and is designed to sit outside of a firefighters turn-out gear for fast easy access. The tool is extremely effective for low profile wall breaching and cutting all types of entanglement dangers within structural fires. It’s military-grade cutting features cuts laminated safety glass fast when facing MVA extractions.
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This tool is engineered to serve the unique needs of dive rescue professionals. GEN 3 JAWZ™ Titanium features our signature American Grade 38 ATI 425 Titanium Alloy and exceeds both ballistic requirements and strength requirements of MIL-DTL-46077 titanium armor plate. It’s lightweight with highly aggressive patent-pending serrations that cut through hazards commonly encountered underwater including; fishing line, rope, webbing, netting, hydrilla, plastic debris, and more. Drawing from the latest developments in vision science and cutting-edge phosphorescent technology, our new ultra-bright fluorescent phosphorescent handles and sheath glow in the dark providing maximum visibility underwater. There is no comparable dive tool like this on the market. From ice diving to the toughest underwater urban environments, JAWZ™ performs exceptionally well.
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GEN 3 STEALTH™ – Military
This tool is designed to provide military professionals with a fast and effective way to free themselves and others from entanglement dangers in the field. Unlike other bulky or battery-powered tools, GEN 3 STEALTH™ is lightweight, easy to access, and functions like 5+ tools in one portable handheld device. Highly aggressive patent-pending serrations make this tool far more effective than commonly used wire cutters or folding knives. While restricted movement or range of motion may sometimes prevent other tools from being reached at all, this tool is worn on the body for fast easy to access, and one-handed disengagement and reengagement. From crash rescues, hostage rescue, medivac, high angle rescues, k-9 entanglements, this tool is supporting the needs of military and law enforcement professionals around the world. 
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GEN 3 STEALTH™ – Police
Police officers encounter unexpected emergencies every day. This all-in-one multi-purpose tool can be worn on the outside of law enforcement uniform providing fast, immediate access. New DOT’s ejection mitigation law now requires automakers to manufacturer cars with side laminated windows making existing window breakers obsolete. The LIFELINE STEALTH™ cuts laminated safety glass FAST. The tool is easily and readily accessible, allowing officers to quickly address emergency situations that include vehicle extractions, k-9 entanglements, hostage rescues, and other unpredictable circumstances. The tool is successfully being used by law enforcement and military professionals around the world.
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