Since 2017 one in three cars has been manufactured with side laminated windows. In direct response to the DOT mandate (fully implemented in 2020) requiring all U.S. automakers to manufacture side windows from laminated safety glass, the LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools team upgraded its flagship tool. While this DOT mandate helps to keep drivers safely inside their vehicle during a motor vehicle accident, it makes it impossible for first responders to take immediate action at the scene of an MVA without the use of traditional window breakers or powered glass cutting tools.

LIFELINE™ recognized the importance of providing first responders with the best extrication tool possible, especially understanding the impact this new mandate will have on a first responder’s ability to react quickly and effectively in the field. By upgrading our tool, we’ve been able to improve its capabilities and that of a first responder trying to extricate a victim from an MVA with speed and efficiency.

Over the past 12 months, we discovered that many first responders and firefighting equipment distributors were not only unaware of this mandate, but more importantly, the fact that ALL existing window breakers and punchers in the market will soon be OBSOLETE.

Our goal is to share this critical information far and wide and attempt to bridge this dangerous gap in personal and professional safety.

The GEN 3 FIRE is a proven portable military-grade cutting machine, far more useful than single-purpose tools. Its size, weight, and design are engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear or law enforcement/military uniform for fast, immediate access.

Below are links to the National Highway Traffic Safety final ruling and relevant, useful research on the subject by AAA. If your fire department or law enforcement department would like to learn more, or schedule a live demonstration, please contact us at

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