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Announcement of New Distribution Partner – GALLS/Patriot Outfitters


We are pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with GALLS, one of America’s leading public safety equipment and uniform providers. Like us, GALLS is committed to serving the needs of law enforcement, military, fire, and EMS professionals by supplying the highest quality products and services. Effective this month, GALLS will offer an extensive selection of LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools extrication and egress devices.

GALLS understands the need for a handheld multi-purpose cutting tool that fills a current void in the industry. As of 2020, a little-known DOT mandate requiring US automakers to manufacture side windows from laminated safety glass came into full effect. Today, one and three cars on the road have side laminated windows. While this mandate helps keep motorists from being ejected from a vehicle during an accident, it creates an unindented consequence that traps the victim inside the vehicle. Existing window breakers and punches are no longer effective.

LIFELINE and GALLS recognize the importance of giving first responders extrication options in the field. Given the impact this new mandate will have on their ability to react quickly and during emergency situations, we believe it’s critical to increase their ability to extricate a victim from a motor vehicle accident with speed and efficiency.

Our newly formed partnership with GALLS is an exciting growth opportunity and it enables us to honor our mission to place our handheld military-grade cutting tool in the hands of first responders everywhere.

Click here to download the official press release>>

Announcement of New Distribution Partner – GALLS/Patriot Outfitters2022-03-08T14:00:53-05:00

How Does U.S. DOT/NHTSA Side Laminated Window Mandate Impact First Responders?


Since 2017 one in three cars has been manufactured with side laminated windows. In direct response to the DOT mandate (fully implemented in 2020) requiring all U.S. automakers to manufacture side windows from laminated safety glass, the LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools team upgraded its flagship tool. While this DOT mandate helps to keep drivers safely inside their vehicle during a motor vehicle accident, it makes it impossible for first responders to take immediate action at the scene of an MVA without the use of traditional window breakers or powered glass cutting tools.

LIFELINE™ recognized the importance of providing first responders with the best extrication tool possible, especially understanding the impact this new mandate will have on a first responder’s ability to react quickly and effectively in the field. By upgrading our tool, we’ve been able to improve its capabilities and that of a first responder trying to extricate a victim from an MVA with speed and efficiency.

Over the past 12 months, we discovered that many first responders and firefighting equipment distributors were not only unaware of this mandate, but more importantly, the fact that ALL existing window breakers and punchers in the market will soon be OBSOLETE.

Our goal is to share this critical information far and wide and attempt to bridge this dangerous gap in personal and professional safety.

The GEN 3 FIRE is a proven portable military-grade cutting machine, far more useful than single-purpose tools. Its size, weight, and design are engineered to be worn on the outside of everyday turnout gear or law enforcement/military uniform for fast, immediate access.

Below are links to the National Highway Traffic Safety final ruling and relevant, useful research on the subject by AAA. If your fire department or law enforcement department would like to learn more, or schedule a live demonstration, please contact us at

~ References:


How Does U.S. DOT/NHTSA Side Laminated Window Mandate Impact First Responders?2021-03-03T12:23:19-05:00

Important Information for First Responders


DOT Ejection Mitigation Laws now require automakers to make side windows from laminated glass. Traditional window breakers are designed to break tempered glass and can not penetrate laminated windows. LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools effectively cut through laminated car windows and other materials. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it the perfect solution for any emergency.

“New research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass.” ~ AAA Newsroom. Automakers are required to make side windows out of Laminated Glass. This means that all window breakers in the market are now OBSOLETE.

LIFELINE FIRE GEN 3 effectively cuts through laminated car windows and other materials. These tools are lightweight, portable, with multipurpose features that make it the perfect solution for any emergency. It’s the only non-battery operated handheld tool that functions like a military-grade cutting machine.

See why LIFELINE tools are in high demand at fire departments, police departments, and military facilities in the U.S., Isreal, and Japan.

*See how fast the LIFELINE FIRE™ Tool cut laminated glass>>>

*See capabilities video here>>>

Important Information for First Responders2020-10-26T08:44:02-04:00

Chief Joe Longo


Meet Chief Joseph (Joe) Longo from the Hawthorne, New Jersey ~ VLOG Brief: Chief Longo shares a first-hand account about how the LIFELINE FIRE™ performed in a 3-Alarm Fire. Thanks to his experience and the versatility of the FIRE™ device, he and another firefighter who also carries the tool were able to save two entangled firefighters.

Chief Joe Longo2022-03-08T12:38:15-05:00
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