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Important Information for First Responders

DOT Ejection Mitigation Laws now require automakers to make side windows from laminated glass. Traditional window breakers are designed to break a tempered glass and can not penetrate laminated windows. LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools effectively cut through laminated car windows and other materials. It's also lightweight and portable, making it the perfect solution for any emergency. "New research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able [...]

Important Information for First Responders2019-09-16T11:41:10-04:00

Erik Keenan, Captain – Coldenham FD

I come from a small fire department called Coldenham In Walden, NY. The last two weeks my department had a string of 2nd alarm fires that all came in with reported entrapment. Once we arrived at the first of the string of fires we encountered a two family private dwelling fully involved. Luckily on this one once we conducted our searches they came back negative and we found out that all family members from both families were accounted for. While exiting the building from my search I [...]

Erik Keenan, Captain – Coldenham FD2019-08-21T00:46:01-04:00

Stephen Stoner, DeKalb County Fire Rescue Station 24

“I am Stephen Stoner with DeKalb County Fire Rescue (Georgia) at Station 24 where the Technical Rescue Team is stationed. We have a heavy rescue, quint 75 ft Arial and a squad. We also have the dive team and a few swat medics. I am apart of the best and I work with the best. In this company, we go on every fire and vehicle accident with entrapments. We had a vehicle on its side with confirmed entrapments. The best way to get the victim out of [...]

Stephen Stoner, DeKalb County Fire Rescue Station 242019-08-21T00:48:11-04:00

Hunter Ruffin, Career Firefighter of Bristol Virginia Fire Department

“I was assigned to Engine 1 as the Driver/Operator and ALS provider. Our unit was dispatched to assist Tower 3 on a single vehicle accident with entrapment. While responding, Tower 3 advised that their apparatus was stuck inside of their station due to power lines down in front of the building as a result of the collision, Engine 2 and Medic 1 were requested for additional manpower and extrication equipment. When Engine 1 arrived on the scene, we found a Dodge Charger that had sheared a utility [...]

Hunter Ruffin, Career Firefighter of Bristol Virginia Fire Department2019-06-19T16:45:50-04:00


All LIFELINE® Rescue Tools are multipurpose (all-in-one) tools with unique design elements. Each feature is engineered to serve a specific purpose and function. Proper use ensures the effectiveness and performance of the tool in the field and increases personal safety. Before using your emergency tool, we highly recommend viewing the product training video and support materials. Visit our Education Page to learn more>>> Training Video

New: LIFELINE TRAINING2019-06-19T12:40:28-04:00

Matt Trepczyk, Heavy Equipment Operator, Rescue 2 Milwaukee Fire Department

“I’m a Heavy Equipment Operator/Driver on Rescue 2 with the Milwaukee Fire Department. I have been using the LifeLine SRK for 4 months now and absolutely love this knife for vehicle extractions. This knife/tool is very versatile and has replaced many tools in my pocket. It breaks car windows with ease and cuts through braided wire quickly. I have used it to cut through a laminated front windshield and it still has a sharp edge to cut any seat belt. The sheath and knife hang conveniently from [...]

Matt Trepczyk, Heavy Equipment Operator, Rescue 2 Milwaukee Fire Department2019-08-20T11:28:44-04:00

Brandon Wayne Edwards, Engine Company 30

“Today while operating on a MVA with entrapment Engine Company 30 arrived on scene, assessed the vehicle and decided to provide  access thru the windshield, for rescue and truck companies in route to the scene. Crews used the LIFELINE ™ Tactical Self-Extrication Tool, a personal extrication tool to start removing the windshield for patient evaluation and access. The ease of making an access point with the butt of the tool and then transitioning to cutting the windshield and removal of the windshield was easily accomplished. Clean cuts [...]

Brandon Wayne Edwards, Engine Company 302019-08-20T11:26:00-04:00

Nicholas Addesso, Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance Corp. 167

“While driving southbound on Route 208, I witnessed a passenger  vehicle veer right into the shoulder and make contact with a snowbank and guard rail then flip to stop on its hood and roof. I dismounted my vehicle with my Lifeline Extrication Tool in hand. Upon further size-up of the vehicle, I found that the fuel tank was leaking. After performing a rapid physical assessment, I braced the victim with my shoulder, removed the Lifeline Extrication Tool from its sheath, found a safe area away from the [...]

Nicholas Addesso, Hawthorne Volunteer Ambulance Corp. 1672019-08-20T11:25:19-04:00

Larry Rauch, Chief Fire Instructor, County of Bergen

“We have had an opportunity to test the Lifeline Rescue Tool in our flashover facility. After multiple evaluations, the tools have held up and performed flawlessly. Our instructors were impressed with the design and quality of the tool.”

Larry Rauch, Chief Fire Instructor, County of Bergen2019-06-06T12:33:18-04:00

Upstate Rogues, Facebook Review and Reccomendation

It has some weight to it but all in all it’s a very well made Tool, it locks secure and holds tight in the sheath, can be taken out with one hand, and holds a sharp edge very well. The tool itself fits well in a gloved hand also. So far it’s cut through several types of wires that would be found in a wall as well as the metal around a drop ceilings ceiling tiles and lastly it cut through an airbag very well to have [...]

Upstate Rogues, Facebook Review and Reccomendation2019-08-20T11:24:33-04:00
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