High-performance Tools for Military Professionals.
STEALTH™ is field tested by domestic and international military teams. This highly aggressive tool is designed to provide military professionals with a fast and accessible cutting tool for personal egress during ground or air transportation as well as cutting and prying situations encountered in the field. Traditional wire cutters or folding knives are not as quick, effective or easy to access. Restricted movement or range of motion may prevent these and other tools from being reached at all. The tool is lightweight and features smooth one-handed disengagement and re-engagement without any mechanical manipulation.
STEALTH Military™ – Multicam™
*IMPORTANT Product Information

Designed to Tackle Unexpected Entanglement Situations

Lifeline Tactical Rescue Tools provide a “first-line” self-extrication tool for Special Operations Forces operating in the most dangerous and challenging areas around the globe. From cutting through wires and debris in confined spaces, to gaining window access through a submerged vehicle, this tool provides the individual operator the means to get out of dangerous situations quickly.

Not a knife, a multi-purpose, proprietary cutting tool specifically designed to get you out so you can get your teammates out. This tool cuts through wires, laminated glass, seatbelts, webbing and anything your standard blade can’t.

Where 911 doesn’t exist this tool thrives so you survive.

What makes this tool superior?

  • The LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tool is worn outside the body, generally on the upper chest, and offers easy one-handed release and re-engagement.
  • It cuts through wide variety of challenging entanglement materials, debris and wires faster and better than any tool on the market.
  • Designed for unique cutting and prying situations for military operations. From hostage rescue, to security and canine details, as well as sniper and bomb tech ops.

*LIFELINE Tactical Rescue Tools maintains Berry Amendment Compliance Certification. 

Field Applications

Crash Rescue

  • Crash rescue entrapments and entanglements are dangerous situations. When combined with a vehicle fire they’re critical. Operations like these require speed and effectiveness, STEALTH’s aggressive serrations get the job done fast. 

Hostage Rescue

  • The LIFELINE STEALTH™ is laser cut from 3/16-Inch thick 100% American made 440c Steel making it ideal for Prying, Breaching, and Cutting Restraints


  • Aggressive serrations cut tree limbs, brush, glass and other visual  impairments.

High Angle / Midivac and other Heli-Ops

  • Patient Recovery

K-9 Entanglements

  • Trapped leash, knotted leash

Dive Ops

  • Underwater Entanglements