LIFELINE® has selected some of our nation’s finest dive rescue professionals to join us in our mission. Our dive team include fire rescue and law enforcement divers, medical professionals, one retired navy seal, and one E9 Airforce Special Forces Pararescuemen. Our goal is to share the stories of professional divers and the gear that help them do their job and come out of the mission and dangers they face alive.

The team has three key primary goals:

  • #1 – Raise awareness of the dive rescue profession
  • #2 – Present best practices for the dive rescue community through challenging dive rescue training sessions and information
  • #3 – Illustrate the value and importance of having the right tools for a given circumstance, including recommendations for tools and gear that give a first responder a critical advantage in the field.

Lifeline will follow and film its team throughout the U.S. and worldwide locations as they put themselves through challenging training situations to provide best practices for training, dive rescue situational procedures, and the importance of choosing the right tools and equipment. Along the way, we look to increase support for the dive rescue community and inspire the next generation to answer the call in their own communities and become first responders themselves.

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Meet The Team

Team Leader Luis Santana

Luis Santana:

Lieutenant, Miami Dade. Special mission ribbon – Haiti earthquake response. Advanced open water since 1989 Scuba Rescue Diver since 1996. Elite Dive Team Leader. 

John DiBlasi:

Chief Fire officer, Miami-Dade, 15 years active. Flight medic. Rescue Diver. Active 15 years. 

Alexander Lurig:

Chief Fire Officer, LieutenantMiami Dade. ERD 1 Diver, TechnicianTactical Paramedic. 15 years of service.

Yovan Sanchez:

Fire boat engineer. Active member of Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue team, 100 ton master captain. Rescue diver. ERDI rescue diver. Miami dade fire rescue Firefighter/Paramedic . Technical rescue technician. Active member Of Task force 1 urban search and rescue team. Recreational free diver – up to 147′. 18 years of service.

Luis Sierra:

Police Lieutenant Miami, Florida, Dive Instructor (NASE) and Police Diver/Supervisor. 26 years of service.

Ralph Beana:

Chief Fire Officer, Miami-Dade. Advanced open water diver through PADI and ERDI rescue diver. 18 years of service.

Alfredo Gomez:

Professional diver since 2009 PADI IDC Staff Instructor, SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor, NACD Intro to Cave certified, CMAS Helitrox technical diver, TDI Normoxic Trimix diver. A technician for the Miami-Dade Fire Department for the last 3 years, a technician overall for 11 years in total.

Ashley Barrera Sanchez:

Registered Nurse, ICU Nurse, CCRN Certified, Miami, Florida. 8 years of service. 

Chad McCoy:

Retired Pararescueman / Special Operations Forces, Senior Enlisted Leader. Technical skills include: Highly Effective Communicator, Operational Plans, Risk Mitigation, Talent Management, Rescue and Recovery, Design Thinking, Military Decision-Making, Cultural Aptitude • Defense Analysis.

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