Project Description

Good evening,
I am sending this email per our conversation this afternoon. My name is Emmitt I have been in the fire service for approximately 28 years. I am a career and  volunteer Firefighter. I am a Fire Captain at the Naval District of Washington Fire Department. Where I lead a crew of 4  on a single engine company that respond to all types of fire, ems and environmental emergencies on our facilities and mutual aid to the surrounding County. I am currently Assistant Fire Chief at the Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad. Where I coordinate with the Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief; we alternate running day to day operations of our station between the 3 of us and take on various responsibilities as needed. In addition, assign duties and responsibilities to other operational Officers. We have a moderately size department. We have a Fire, EMS and Marine division. We respond to all types of emergencies in our first due and the surrounding area to include hunter emergencies (on land and water), perirhinal entrapments, motor vehicle accident with extrication, structure fires, haz-mats and etc.

I learned of the Gen 3.1 Fire Rescue Tool from a Firefighter at work. I researched the tool and was impressed by its versatility. I purchased one and used it a few times (only had it a couple of months). I was very happy with its Firefighter friendly grip and its efficiency. While preparing for an extrication drill, I used it to take out a couple of windows and cut some seatbelts. The guys were very surprised at that ease of the performing the tasks. I gleefully explained to them what the tool was and all of its capabilities. As any firefighter know, conditions can deteriorate quickly and we can become part of the emergency. We ran a structure fire the day after an extreme weather event. We received 14″ of snow. The roadways were bad (still icy and large trees completely across some roads) and response times were hampered. The first arriving unit arrived on the scene with a two story single family home with heavy smoke and fire showing. We don’t have any pressurized hydrants in our first due. Considering all of the occupants were accounted for, the condition of the roads, the construction of the home (old wood frame) and the added time to establish our water supply. We decided to take a defensive posture. I was completing a 360 and my right foot became entangled in coax cable and electrical conduit. I was able to quickly free myself using my Gen 3.1 Fire Rescue Tool. It may sound like a rather pedestrian occurrence. I consider it life saving! I was in the collapse zone and collapse was imminent. moreover, the home was over 50% involved at this point, crews were making little progress with suppression, heavy smoke made visibility difficult and a very old home. If I wasn’t able to free myself, I would’ve sustained severe to life threatening injuries.

THANK YOU. I love this tool and recommend it to all Firefighters. Thank you for your time.

Emmitt Newman
Maryland, USA