MVA with Entrapment | Firefighter Brandon Wayne Edwards with CFD

MVA WITH ENTRAPMENT ~ TESTIMONIAL | Firefighter Brandon Wayne Edwards with CFD “Today while operating on an MVA with entrapment Engine Company 30 arrived on scene, assessed the vehicle and decided to provide access thru the windshield, for rescue and truck companies in route to the scene. Crews used the LIFELINE ™ Tactical Self-Extrication Tool, a personal extrication tool to start removing the windshield for patient evaluation and access. The ease of making an access point with the butt of the tool and then transitioning to cutting [...]

MVA with Entrapment | Ringwood, NJ

Lifeline Tactical Rescue Tool - Vehicle Rescue On Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at 16:51 I was driving southbound on Route 208. In front of me, I witnessed a passenger vehicle veer right into the shoulder and made contact with a snowbank and guardrail just past the entrance ramp from exit 59 (via 287 Northbound) and flip to stop on its hood and roof. I slowed my vehicle, parked a safe distance away and activated my emergency lights on my vehicle. I dismounted my vehicle with a high [...]