Project Description

I come from a small fire department called Coldenham In Walden, NY. The last two weeks my department had a string of 2nd alarm fires that all came in with reported entrapment. Once we arrived at the first of the string of fires we encountered a two family private dwelling fully involved. Luckily on this one once we conducted our searches they came back negative and we found out that all family members from both families were accounted for. While exiting the building from my search I was wrapped up in some wires dropping down from the attic around my SCBA rather then try any of my escape procedures I wasted no time pulling out my Lifeline Rescue Tool and cut right through them and was able to exit the building.

     Five days later we also were dispatched to a structure fire with reported occupants trapped this time. After quickly saving the patient and sending him to the hospital, I noticed that I’d lost my Lifeline Rescue Tool. I felt lost without it because I remembered how much that tool helped me out just five days ago.

    I swear by my Lifeline Rescue Tool and I’m truly happy about their drop and replace policy. The LIFELINE guys said my new tool is on the way.